S’muffdate: 31 March 2020

Greetings fellow Seamen & Seawomen! Things have slowed. The boatyard is still open, as it’s considered an “essential” service, but it has slowed down. Tools and parts I order are taking longer to arrive. The mast is still out, but S’muffin is back in the water. As of yesterday, all the new sails have arrived.

Carol referred me to a friend who’s a Harken roller furler expert. I told her of my predicament, and she said a new furler was absolutely necessary. The existing furler is so old it’s no longer supported with parts, etc. After disassembly in its age & condition, difficult to ensure integrity after re-assembly. She said the furler is an essential safety device. (What on a small offshore sailboat isn’t safety related??)

On Carol’s recommendation, I’ve opted for the Schaefer 2100 furler. She says it’s hands-down the best, and after doing some research, I’m inclined to agree. Best of all, assembly doesn’t involve adhesives, so future disassembly, if it becomes necessary, should be easier and less destructive. Now waiting for it to arrive.

I have started reading Heavy Weather Sailing by Peter Bruce.

This cute video from Delos shows a bimini solar panel installation I’m thinking about duplicating for S’muffin.

If you ever do your own standing rigging with compression terminals, I’ve collected the wisdom from my experience in this blog post.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the latest Sparklemuffin video!

Last but not least, a new peacock spider (like Sparklemuffin’s namesake) has been discovered which looks like a painting of Starry Night.

Hope you all are well & doing ok. California is officially closed for the month of April.

121 days until departure…

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