Bilge Pump System Overhaul Project

Recently the outlet pipe of the lone 24 year old bilge pump aboard Sparklemuffin broke completely off. Better at the dock than halfway to Hawaii, eh? ‘Cuz “if anything is gonna happen, it’s gonna happen out there” as they say.

The bilge pump system is super critical for any boat. One of a sailor’s (many) worst nightmares is going below to find the floorboards swimming in ankle-deep water. A well-designed and reliable bilge pump system makes a big difference to quality of sleep.

It was on my list to do something with the bilge pump system, in particular, adding a secondary high-capacity backup/emergency pump. Welp, guess it’s time to accelerate those plans and redo the whole lot – pumps, hoses, electrical – everything!


Parts List

Primary Bilge Pump

Secondary Bilge Pump

Not Yet Ordered


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