That Poem

A touching poem that my dear friend Christine is generously allowing me to share with you. This poem beautifully depicts one aspect of why I’m embarking on this sailing journey.

“That Poem”
by Christine Esenther

at the Center of the Universe
read a poem
It’s the best poem
I ever heard
It’s about a man
a friend of the poet’s
I think
It begins post-retirement
and crawls back
into his mother’s womb
I think
I don’t remember exactly
But it says it all
about a life
All that need be said
The hopes, the disappointments
the good, the bad
the wonder of it all

Over far too soon
the miracle of
an ordinary life
I want that poem
And I want to live
my life
before all that’s left
is a poem
that someone
vaguely remembers

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