Moar Sparkles!

SV Sparklemuffin gets even sparklier with LED strip lights!

Every once in a while I like to balance boat work with a fun project that’s purely for my own enjoyment.

So this time I installed Boomile LED strip lights ($19). It’s 5 m / 16 foot long, has lots of LEDs, takes 12 VDC input, and looks great.

Just one strip illuminates the entire salon. Plus you can select the color for mood, fun, or red to preserve night vision.

The white is not the greatest white — it’s that cold bluish hue typical of white LED light — but fortunately you can tweak the color to be a more soothing yellow/orange glow.

I found that at the brightest setting, it draws only 2.5 amps @ 13 VDC. It remains to be seen how well it will do given voltage range experienced on a boat — sometimes the higher voltages can reduce the life span of consumer electronics — but I’m optimistic.

Time for a German sparkle party?

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